End of October Link Assortment


Promotional art for the IF Comp. It shows a person in a green t-shirt apparently playing a text-based game, with a background of images suggesting an adventure. The bottom of the image reads IF Comp 2022.

IF Comp is still running, now through November 15. There are lots of games to play; you need only vote on five to participate as a judge in the competition. (Though you’re very welcome to vote on more than five, of course!)

And as if the bounty of IF Comp were not enough, October also always sees EctoComp, for spooky Halloween games. It’s run as a jam on itch.io; games are available from Oct 31. EctoComp invites games in English, French, and Spanish.

Tomorrow, November 1, the Oxford/London IF Meetup is playing through some of those Comp games together online.

November 12 is the next meeting of the SF Bay Area IF Group.

December 1 is the opening of the Winter TADS jam for games written in the TADS language.

And a note: I do my best to pull together events people announce publicly in certain spaces, or things that they email me about – but I don’t always get everything, and my time for blog maintenance also varies a bit from month to month. However! There is now a calendar section on ifwiki, which you can check out or add to.

I’m not planning to stop mentioning events on my blog, but the ifwiki calendar is a useful place to go if you’d like to make something known to the IF-playing public. You can also post about things in the Events section on the intfiction forum.

Other Releases

The Marino family has a long-running series of Undum stories about Mrs Wobbles and the Tangerine House, which takes a fantasy perspective on the experiences of children with foster homes and adoption. Lucian Smith wrote a lovely review of one of the previous episodes that spoke to this theme in some depth.

The eighth(!) entry in that series, “Action Figures”, is live today.


UC Santa Cruz is hiring an Assistant or Associate Professor of Computational Media:

While this is not a position focused on teaching frameworks/engines or programming (which are covered elsewhere in the curriculum) an understanding of processes and tools used to create computational media work is desired.

The successful candidate will develop and teach courses within the graduate and undergraduate curriculum; continue their work in creative, technical, and/or scholarly practices of computational media; and participate in shaping our diverse, interdisciplinary department. 

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