I7: New Version Up

For those who don’t follow rec.arts.int-fiction, there is a new release of Inform 7. In addition to fixing over a hundred bugs reported in the previous release, it provides dynamic string handling for the first time, and regular-expression matching.

This means that it’s possible to (for instance) run regular expressions on the player’s command to modify it before parsing; that it’s possible to make any “to say” phrase produce upper-, lower-, title-, or sentence-cased output; and that it’s easier to store and read back text files for use by Glulx.

There are other goodies too.

5 thoughts on “I7: New Version Up”

  1. Well done with this release. It seems to be one of the better updates in quite some time. I like all the new examples – lost count of how many there are now.

  2. Will there be a new I7 syntax file as well in the near future? There’s been a lot of important changes to the I7 syntax, I think, just from reading the Changelog files themselves.

  3. I updated the syntax document at the same time that the new build was released; try downloading it and you’ll see. (Unless of course somehow the download is broken from somewhere? In which case, let me know. But it should be there.)

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