Too Many Things! (Or: in which Emily takes a little vacation)

I get lots of email about IF. Lots. And lots. This is flattering. However: the amount of time it takes to get through my inbox is becoming unworkable, and I need to get some other things done. So I am taking a break from some of it; specifically:

If you have bug reports or feature requests for Inform 7, they should go to Graham. That’s where they always wind up anyway, so you’re not missing anything by sending them there.

If you have coding support questions about Inform 7, they should go to or to the #I7 channel on ifMUD. These days there are a fair number of people who have written complete I7 games and are competent to help with most requests. (We will still be monitoring the extensions-development thread.)

If you have hint requests about one of my games, they should go to

If you want to comment on a review I wrote about your game, or give feedback on one of my games, that is terrific. I’m still interested, but I don’t promise to answer immediately. Please don’t feel snubbed.

If you have an I7 extension, you should go ahead and send it to me; I don’t promise that service will be instant, but this is one area where I don’t have a great substitute for me, so I will try to make sure any new material gets posted at least once a week. Please give your email a sensible subject line, such as “[I7] New Extension”.

If you want beta-testing, design guidance, help tracking down the URL of something you think I posted 5 years ago, etc., this is not really the best time.

4 thoughts on “Too Many Things! (Or: in which Emily takes a little vacation)”

  1. You have always been helpful to people in the IF community, Emily. I often wonder how can you find all the time to work on I7 and interact with the IF people frequently. Have a good vacation.

  2. Please post a blog entry when your time constraints free up a bit. I would like to inquire about whether you will be available to participate in Interactive Fiction panel discussions at a convention.

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