8 thoughts on “Not Comp (or IF at all)

  1. I bought that several months ago, because it seemed like an artifact that I had to have, regardless of whether I ever played it. But I’ve never played it.

    (Not sure I’d dare play it with anyone whose killer academic instincts have been honed in the cannibal-pit of real-life academia…)

  2. Almost all of my real-life colleagues are/have been really nice people, and not especially given to backbiting.

    All the same, it seems like it would be a little pointed to invite members of my current department over for a game.

  3. I own it and have played it twice, and it unfortunately never really came together. I’m not sure whether this was some accidental problem of the group I played it with, or an actual problem with the game mechanics.

  4. I’ve played it twice, and it did come together. Which is to say, it swayed back and forth from madcap hilarity and bleak horror. Otherwise, the outcome varied widely each time. It’s actually a favorite of mine.

    As far as other players, maybe nearbygamers.com can help?

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