Pliny’s Opinion on Beta-Testing

“That man is spoiled, and no better than a stranger, who prefers to hear his friend’s book in its final, polished form rather than to help him polish it.” (Pliny the Younger, Letters 8.21.)

6 thoughts on “Pliny’s Opinion on Beta-Testing”

  1. This applies only to our friends, right? I don’t feel at all guilty about complaining about typos and bugs in books, games, etc. produced by people I don’t know. (But I have sent messages to IF authors telling them about errors I’ve spotted in their games.)

  2. How insightful.

    My personal opinion is that beta testing can be extremely fun, though at the same time quite a bit of work. Still, I applaud all those willing to do so for their friends.

  3. Oh, I agree. And, anyone who wants to get a free copy of my book in exchange for their opinion of it should email me.

    I’m joking, but I’m serious.


  4. So true, for writer of all kinds.

    Fiction, interactive, maybe even critics.

    This is my first time here, and I mostly like your site; it’s a really cool idea and layout.

    Could use some pictures, but that might be my ADD talking.

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