Liza Daly on “First Draft of the Revolution”

Here is Liza Daly (Threepress) talking at Books in Browsers 2011 about an interactive epistolary story I’ve been working on for and with her.

Liza’s talk is about the possibilities of interactive narrative, her background with IF and hypertext, and what we’ve done together with this story in specific.

As you may gather from the screenshots, “First Draft” is not parser-based, but also not CYOA: the interaction is all about revising the letters between the various characters and then choosing when to send them. So there are lots of small, parallel choices submitted at once rather than a sequence of large choices submitted serially — an effect I am hoping creates some of the texture and exploratory feel that I often feel is missing from CYOA. It’s set in the universe of Savoir-Faire and Damnatio Memoriae at the cusp of that world’s French Revolution.

There will be a public release of this project when it’s done, but I do not yet have a date for that.

7 thoughts on “Liza Daly on “First Draft of the Revolution””

  1. We used to do epistolary story-gaming back at the game-shop I worked at as a kidlet in the 80s … our game was a space opera of sorts, a group of scientists and explorers writing home about the creepy alien stuff they were investigating. We had simple rules that centered on how much you were allowed to contradict the other reports, basically, with new or revised findings.

  2. Sounds really great. Is this a different project from the orthographic teasers a while back?

    ✤ “Maybe best to leave that question out. Emily will announce it when it’s ready.”

    1. I would be pretty surprised if the Bureau of Orthography exists in the Lavori d’Aracne world. Then again, who knows what kind of orthographical problems arise when some members of the population are capable of magically linking words or sentences together. Maybe they need a whole government agency to sort out that mess.

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