IF Community links and resources

Recent reader email prompted me to revise and expand my guide to ways to get involved with the IF community. But the IF community (or communities, I should say) have been dramatically expanding and diversifying in the last couple of years, and I’m sure I’ve omitted some useful content. Did I miss things you think I should have covered? Events or venues people should know about? Please feel free to comment and I’ll update with whatever seems like a good fit.

6 thoughts on “IF Community links and resources

  1. The guide says to “check the sidebar” for more information about IF meetups, but that page is missing a side bar. The side bar on your blog seems to only appear on the home page at emshort.wordpress.com but not on individual posts or pages.

    • Doh, thanks. I’ve fixed that in a slightly ham-handed way, but I’m hesitant to list all the groups in-line there because the roster of available groups has been changing rapidly lately, so I’d rather only have to update in one location…

      • Would it be possible to have the actual sidebar there? There’s a bunch of great resources there; it’d be a shame if someone were to follow a link to your guide and miss all the great stuff in your blog roll.

        Unrelated: I think the guide would benefit from having a table of contents at the top, acting as a quick summary.

      • I did poke at the sidebar thing, and I can’t immediately see a way to make WordPress put the bar on things that are categorized as Pages rather than Posts. Conceivably I’m missing something obvious; I may have another go later when I’ve got more time to devote to trying to figure it out.

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