MORE Events

I know, I have recently posted about upcoming things. But there are more! Here’s an updated schedule of IF-related events in the near future. There’s also a terrific, ongoing IF events calendar over here.

Nov 1: Deadline to register to present at the Villanova VuPop conference on interactive fiction. This conference itself will be held in the Falvey Memorial Library, Villanova University, June 9th 2014.

Nov 4, London: Digital Conversations @ British Library: Interactive Narratives. I will be in the audience.

Nov 5, 5 PM, UMass Lowell Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) will present a public reading of Adam Cadre’s award-winning interactive fiction “Photopia.” This event will occur in Olsen Hall, on the North Campus, in Room 311. Everyone is welcome.

Nov 9, Boston: I talk about Versu at the PR-IF meeting: this is in particular a chance to check out the tools and play experience. Attendance is free and all are welcome, but make sure you check out the instructions about how to get to the room where it’s being held, as the MIT campus can be a little confusing.

November 12, 5 PM, UMass Lowell will offer an introduction to the writing of interactive fiction. Everyone is welcome.

Nov 15-17, New York: I talk about narrative design in Versu at PRACTICE. Andrew Plotkin will also be attending. This conference does have a substantial registration cost.

I will separately be doing a gameplay-and-tools demo in New York on an adjacent day, if possible without the stiff admission price. Date and time still being worked out, but if you want to make sure you’re notified of the details, let me know and I’ll add you to the mailing list.

Nov 16, Toronto: WordPlay fest! Jim Munroe and the Hand Eye Society show off games with and about words.

Nov 20, online: Next meeting of Chris Crawford’s interactive storytelling discussion group, Phrontisterion. This is free to attend. I will not myself be there because I will be at

Nov 20, Oxford: Graham Nelson and I are speaking about publishing IF at an evening on transmedia publishing, run by the Oxford Publishing Society. This is free to members of said society; individual memberships are 25 GBP, it appears.

Dec 7-8, London: AdventureX. I will be demonstrating Versu gameplay and tools. Jon Ingold will be talking about Sorcery!. Dave Gilbert will be there. The conference is free.

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