Some Links

Illya Szilak reviews TOC, a multimedia novel by Steve Tomasula about (among other things) the passage of time.

Richard Goodness is running Fear of Twine, an online exhibit of sixteen Twine games distributed in four groups of four. Morgan Rille’s The Conversation I Can’t Have is a bravely frank exploration of the experience of a submissive in the kink scene. Jonas Kyratzes’ The Matter of the Great Red Dragon is (or at least was the time I played it) an illustrated, fairy-tale-like parable about moral clarity. Tony Perriello’s Debt is a highly linear vision of a dystopian future, enhanced by music and sound. I haven’t yet gotten to all of them, but they’re worth checking out.

And speaking of Twine, if you haven’t yet tried Tom McHenry’s Horse Master, you’re missing out on an extremely creepy and compelling experience, a horrific sim about raising a horse for competition. It is also about poverty and willingness to go to dreadful extremes. I’m hoping for a XYZZY nomination or two for it.

4 thoughts on “Some Links”

  1. The writing (and linearness) of Horse Master remind me of Time Bastard, somehow.

    I don’t suppose someone could give a coherent overview/review on ifdb? Everyone seems to have written in a surreal tone which made me totally confused and pass the first time around.

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