Joining Failbetter

As of today, I’ve joined Failbetter Games as Creative Director.

Failbetter is a company very close to my heart: I’ve written for them many times as a freelancer over the past decade, and they provided key assistance when I was starting the Oxford/London IF Meetup. I have great respect for their focus on quality prose and storytelling, as well as their pioneering work exploring what storylet-driven narrative design can do.

I have a certain amount of freelance work ongoing from the past couple of months, with FBG’s blessing; and will have some pre-defined bandwidth to keep my hand in consulting. So if you see me out and around doing a few other things, that’s why.

I’m very excited to be on this team, and looking forward to what we build together!

12 thoughts on “Joining Failbetter”

  1. Very cool! I’ve enjoyed what you’ve written for them in FL and the two Sunless games, and I think you’re exactly the right person to help them explore new frontiers in what can be done with qualities and storylets. I look forward to seeing what you create together!

  2. That’s awesome! So excited to see what wonderful (delicious?) things happen here. EmShort + FB = a winning combination for us, the lucky readers.

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