Mailbag: New Game Versions

I sometimes print letters I’ve received and what I wrote in response. This is usually for one of two reasons: I’d like to pass on what the writer had to say, or the writer asked a question that requires a long detailed answer, and I think other people might benefit from seeing that as well.

I am experimenting with doing this in a more formal way, with a regular mailbag post. Reprinted letters may be edited for length; if so, I will note that editing has occurred. I do not do this without the permission of the letter-writer, so if you write to me and would be open to seeing your email appear as a blog post, feel free to mention that fact. On the other hand, I do not guarantee to print every letter that grants permission.


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Dear Emily,

You’ve once included our game “Code 7” in your article about parser-based games ( Thank you very much for that, I appreciate your constructive observations, which we have considered when redoing the game. We have released the remade version (that now features a professional actress for Sam’s voice) again for free. We would be very happy if you would play it again (it takes approximately 1 hour to play through) and let us know what you think about it:

The game has been created on a very tight budget, so we have decided to launch a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the upcoming five chapters. We plan to have more non-linear/multiple solutions for puzzles in the future. You can find the campaign here:

Thank you very much for your time,

Sincerely yours,




Dear Emily,

I’m reaching out to you because you wrote some very thoughtful feedback about our game, Timecrest  in your blog post about Lifeline 2 in October of last year. I wanted you to know that we took your feedback to heart, and we’re hoping that with the improvements we’ve added over the last year, you’d give our game another chance.

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