A Clarification

…re. the cover art drive, since a couple of people have now expressed concern to me about this.

I am not uploading to IFDB any contributed art for any game by any author unless that author has explicitly accepted the art.

I tried to make this clear in the original rules, but perhaps I didn’t do it loudly enough up front.

So no, there’s no “if you don’t speak up, I’ll modify your work (or the context in which your work is presented) without your consent!” thing going on. I would not be cool with that myself. Really don’t want to do it to other people. Submitted art goes on the Flickr site, and should be regarded as just some fan art until it’s officially adopted; and the Flickr site is only up for the two months of the art drive, after which it will go away again.

I did put some material on IFDB before the drive, but this was either (a) art already included in the game file or displayed on the author’s website as cover art; or (b) added with the author’s consent. In cases where (a) seemed marginal (i.e., there was some art on the author’s website, but I wasn’t sure whether the author intended it to be officially tied to the game) I contacted the author first.

One thought on “A Clarification”

  1. Thank you for bringing that point out. This has put a bug in my ear, so to speak, for me to add artwork to my game. It’s one of those things that I prefer to do myself and I have just enough skills to do so.

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