So you want multi-player IF?

Thanks to Jesse McGrew, there is now a system for same! See this announcement, which — despite the date and initial goofy front — is actually true. You can make yourself an account, create your own realm within the larger multiplayer world, and compose a game in Inform 7 that allows multiple players to connect and play simultaneously.

Yeah, really.

5 thoughts on “So you want multi-player IF?”

  1. What i would really like to see is an environment in which Inform coding can go on within the multiplayer environment, a la MOO programming.

    Not sure how feasible that is though. Maybe the best I can hope for in the meantime is something akin to MOONedit.

  2. Great! I posted that idea in the IF newsgroup once, but I did not follow up on it. It seems that somebody else had the same inspiration – and actually implemented it!

    I hope that the library changes he made will be downloadable once.

  3. Guncho looks really interesting but I don’t think announcing it on April 1st was such a good idea. Regardless, I think Guncho does deserve attention and am looking forward to seeing what kind of multiplayer experience can be created using it.

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