5 thoughts on “Spanish Cover Art Project”

  1. Hi Emily,

    the man in the top hat is supposed to be Dr. Van Hallen. The origin of the cover is that blog:


    And you can see the picture is not ‘original’ here:


    but ‘stolen’ from:


    The Dr. Van Hallen Saga can be seen here:


    From Josep Coletas:


    a ‘master’ of PAWS-coding. Most of the Van Hallen adventures are just for Spectrum platform.

    PAWS is really loved by spanish community, and Van Hallen (yes, in Spectrum simulator, yes) even more (not by me, i dislike a lot that Josep limits himself to a so so so so small kind of platform, but it doesnt matter, i am one of the most freak-troll of the community anyway, :D).

    In this week Josep have said in our forums he stops to write more ‘adventures’, leaving the Volume 2 of the Dr. Van Hallen adventures unfinished, but even so the most of Spanish Community will notice the Van Hallen Saga as the most relevant/loved issue of moderm spanish ‘adventure’.

    So, yes, :), the man in the top hat is awesome, in more than a way.

    BTW, sorry my awful english.

  2. Hello Emily. Excuse me for my poor English … I am using an online translator. I am Eliuk Blau, the administrator of the “Hispanic Cover Art Drive.” I changed the URL (Flickr no longer be used more).

    The new URL of the project is:

    Can you update the URL in your post, please? And many thanks to you for spreading the news of the project! :D

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