4 thoughts on “Slouching Towards Bedlam”

  1. I have always felt that a fair criticism of Slouching is that you cannot have a choice if one of the alternatives is (in the strictest sense of the word) incomprehensible. This means that the player character is necessarily unmotivated when he chooses whether to [insert spoiler here] or not.

    What do you think about that?

  2. The question of whether to [do the spoilery incomprehensible thing] never interested me all that much. I was much more interested in the question of whether I had enough faith in my own sanity to do [spoilery comprehensible things] despite their cost.

  3. I guess [spoilery incomprehensible thing] is Appendix C. It’s true you can’t know all the ramifications, but I think you can still have some basis to judge, like: do you think that [spoiler] is sentient? Do you think that it is right to prevent sentience from reproducing?

    Of course, from the player’s POV, there’s “What will happen if I do X?” which seems like enough of a motivation. And, if you chose to do that, you could interpret the player character as giving in to the forces within him… Well, anyway.

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