IF Comp Games out!

They are now up at the IF Comp site.

Meanwhile, I am debating with myself: should I blog about the games as I go (as last year)? I enjoyed doing that, but on the other hand I was sad that not so many people posted reviews at the end of the competition, and there seemed to be less debate than usual about the games once everyone had finished playing them. So I wonder whether during-competition blogging takes wind out of the post-competition discussion.

3 thoughts on “IF Comp Games out!”

  1. If you (or other reviewers!) blog about the games as you go, you could also collect all your reviews at the end of the competition and post them on RGIF in one big chunk. That way, there might be more discussion from players who didn’t read your reviews during the comp, either because they don’t want any spoilers or because they don’t read your blog.

    (OK, I must admit my suggestion isn’t disinterested: it’d also be quite easier for me to add links to your reviews on the IFWiki if you do that…)

  2. From a purely selfish point of view, I love to read about the games before the end of the competition, and I enjoyed last year’s comp much more for it. The post-comp rush of reviews was always a little much for me. So here’s one vote for blogging as you go along!

  3. Can I just say I’m so glad you’ve decided to review the games as you go along–it allows the busy “Med School But We Love Old School Text Games” crowd here in Ohio (not our real name, goodness we don’t even have time for a real club!) to come to the judging with a little prep. Not to say we’re biased, but you have a great way of pointing out considerations that we wouldn’t even have noticed in an abrupt run through. Plus, you’re genius. Thanks!

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