IF Competition: Snack Time

Another IF Comp review, following my format for this comp. There is a cut, then any spoiler-free comments I have, and then spoiler space, and then more detailed feedback that assumes the reader has tried the game.

But first, we have some obligatory filler to try to make sure that the RSS summary does not accidentally contain any review. Filler, filler, la la la…

Okay. Here we go.

This is pretty much what it says on the label: a good-natured, snack-sized puzzler about one episode in the life of a dog. It isn’t very ambitious, which keeps it out of my absolute top range, but it has a charming idea and executes it well. I suspect it would go over well with the JayIsGames contingent.

This is the last game I intend to play, and I suppose it’s a good note to end on. It’s small, it’s silly, it’s cute. I ran into a couple of minor implementation issues, but nothing big; a pleasing range of doggy actions were accounted for.

I liked the chewy dino friend.

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