Kudos on Homer in Silicon

My latest GSW column looks at the original Kudos. A new version is now out, and I may do a comparison in the future.

However (warning): on my last column it was mentioned that I seem to spend more time critiquing unsuccessful narrative approaches than analyzing good ones. I promised to come back with more positive reviews — and still intend to — but, er, this is not one. Or at least, not in unmixed form.

One thought on “Kudos on Homer in Silicon”

  1. I’ve never played Kudos, but from your review it sort of sounds as if Kudos inadvertently succeeds at what Freedom was trying to do. A world in which your friends only put up with you because you do the things they want to do, and in which people routinely respond to invitations with lines like “I think you’ve mistaken me for someone less popular” seems like a pretty good model of (one aspect of) living with social anxiety disorder.

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