is up, though I haven’t done the conversation graph this time because too tired.

However! The good news is, an increasing number of the bugs-to-be-fixed are lightweight and cosmetic; even the run-time errors reported this time were of the “gosh that was a dumb typo” variety, not the “crap I must rethink my whole design” variety.

Though I still haven’t figured out what goes on with the very occasional too-many-activities bug.

Tentative plan: continue human beta-testing this weekend; if things seem to be stabilizing, declare that finished on Monday or Tuesday and spend part of Christmas break doing the final adjustments — more optimizing, removing the collaboration interface (or turning it off in the released build, one of the two), hardcode-caching things at start-up if possible. Working on the presentation layer. And so on.

3 thoughts on “28”

  1. I’m just an interested bystander for this whole project, but you seem a bit stressed and harried by it. It’s Christmas! Perhaps a little break might be in order. No one will begrudge you that. Why not use the break to relax and come back to Alabaster fresh in the new year? It’s not going anywhere, and might even benefit from the perspective one gets after a bit of time away from a project.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Well, Jim, you’re right about one thing: “It’s not going anywhere.” I know that’s probably not the sense you meant, but true nonetheless.

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