Random fact

Because apparently someone’s dream version of me refused to answer this question:

I pronounce Galatea “gal-uh-TEE-uh”.

This is an anglicized, not a classical pronunciation. Also, not binding on anyone else.

14 thoughts on “Random fact”

  1. Someone had a dream about you in which you didn’t answer this? Is that what you mean?

    Anyway, that’s how I pronounced “Galatea” in my mind when playing Galatea, too.

  2. Yeah, that was my dream, and I posted an offhand remark about it on Twitter. Some people have strange dreams about famous actors or novelists. I apparently have strange dreams about famous IF writers.

    Anyway, thanks for humouring me, Emily. Now I don’t have to say “uh… that statue game… you know, the one that starts with a G” anymore.

  3. Hm, I pronounce all the “a”s long (as the “a”s in “gaga”) and the “e” as the “ay” in “ray”. Well, at least I put the emphasis on the same syllable. ;)

  4. phew, that’s how i say it too!

    although i was told “gala-tay-a”, like the above poster, was correct, and now my brain nags at me to say it that way.

    like when i learned that “sirius” was pronounced “serious” instead of “se-RY-us”. :(

  5. I currently pronounce it “Gal-uh-TAY-uh,” but I used to pronounce it “Ga-LAYSH-uh.” Like “glacier,” but with an extra ‘a’ between the ‘g’ and the ‘l.’

    I don’t know where I got that idea.

      1. That’s it!

        Galatia’s the alternate universe version. The NPC Paul would be critically well-received, but a disturbingly large number of players would get frustrated at how difficult it was to get the “stoning him” ending.

  6. Hello!Well my name happens to be “Galatea” (truly).It’s an ancient greek name and it’s pronounced like ga-lA-ti-a.It’s not thaaat difficult!
    You know,i have a quite rare name and it’s so weird that some people are talking about it… :P

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