5 thoughts on ““Below the Root””

  1. Oh, have you not been around the MUD any of the times I’ve been wigging out about Below the Root? It was one of my favorite games as a kid, and still occupies a special place in my heart. I’m working kind of halfheartedly on a map/compendium/comparison to the novels for the game (the map part is fun, except for the screens which are near-impossible or impossible to get to).

  2. I also had the “Below the Root” game (and had read the books) when I was a kid. I never got very far. It requires a lot of dedicated mapping *and* platforming to get around the game, and while my skills were probably up to it, I never explored systematically enough to get far.

    I didn’t know the author was deliberately moving forward from the storyline of the trilogy, though.

    (The “Alice in Wonderland” game, from the same company and with the same engine, gave me the same trouble. I admire the way they were able to pack such a sense of a three-dimensional world into a simple platform interface. But the games were hard. :)

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