IF Comp 2009: The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man

BelievableAs has been my practice for the last few years, I’ve set my RSS feed to truncate entries so that I can post reviews without spoilerage. Within an entry, there is a short, spoilerless discussion (though the comp purists may want to avoid reading even that before playing for themselves); then spoiler space; then a more detailed discussion of what I thought did and didn’t work in the game.

I’m also pursuing an approach I came up with last year: I’m playing and reviewing games that have listed beta-testers, and skipping those that don’t. Last year that turned out to be a pretty fool-proof indicator of which games were going to end up scoring 4 or less on my personal scale. I’m hoping this will mean I have more time to devote to the remaining games, which in turn will (I hope) be of higher quality, and you, dear reader, will have fewer rants inflicted on you.

Now up: The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man.

You too can play it if you download the comp games, or even try it online.

I didn’t finish this. There are some spelling and grammatical errors here and there, and I could blame my desire to quit the game on those, but it’s mostly that the arrogant, slovenly, vengeful protagonist is not someone I want to spend time with, even if he’s not meant to be taken seriously. Possibly just a serious mismatch between my sense of humor and that of the author.









When I ate the moldy pizza that I had no prior reason to think was actually fatal, and died, I found myself thinking, well, good riddance. So I didn’t try again.

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