5 thoughts on “Saugus.net Halloween Contest”

  1. I tried LIAPADJIACATG. According to the ABOUT, it only has one ending. I didn’t get to see it though: I got hung up in a scene (quite awhile in) where I couldn’t figure out how to advance the action.

  2. I’ve tried both The Lighthouse and Awakening, and I’m currently stuck in both. Lighthouse is a bit buggy (or I’m really not understanding what’s going on). It does say that you shouldn’t expect a traditional ending, so maybe there’s not much more to it? Awakening is fun so far, but there’s that whole stuck thing. If anyone wants to help (ROT13):

    V’ir tvira gur zbbafuvar gb gur pnergnxre, ohg V pna’g svther bhg jung gb qb va uvf ubhfr. V’ir sbhaq gur yht jerapu (fhfcvpvbhfyl va gur funcr bs n pebff) naq gur ehoore gver.

    1. I haven’t tried those yet, but I would be curious to hear about LIAPADJIACATG how you’re supposed to…

      trg cnfg gur ubfcvgny fprar — V pbhyqa’g trg nalguvat gb unccra ol gnyxvat gb Wbr be gur qbpgbe, rkcybevat zl raivebazrag, be gelvat gb vagrenpg jvgu gur gnggbb, fb V svanyyl tnir hc.

      1. You weren’t the only one to get stuck there. I’ve still not passed that point, and I know none of the judges got past it, either (in fact at least one of them didn’t get past an earlier tricky spot). I e-mailed back & forth with the author after the contest ended, and his bit of advice (without giving anything totally away) is to rkunhfg nyy gbcvpf jvgu gur qbpgbe. Jura lbh qb fb, ur jvyy yrnir. Hasbeghangryl V guvax (V’z abg fher lrg, V fgvyy unir gb tb onpx va zlfrys) ng yrnfg bar bs gur gbcvpf vf bayl fubja nf cneg bs gur vavgvny qrfpevcgvba naq vs lbh zvff vg lbh’er ybfg.

        On the whole I found myself pulled into the story of LIAPADJIACATG but there were those few little places where playability got in the way. I really hope that Mr. Whittington continues work on it and releases a future version.

    2. I’ve gotten through both. Neither seemed to be particularly buggy, although there were a few glitches in each (some of which have already been corrected and reuploaded).

      IMO, much of the fun of The Lighthouse was trying to work through to all the different endings. It’s not very long, but has a handful of very different paths. While you won’t find a traditional joyous victorious ending, you may 1) rfpncr nevi 2) trg xvyyrq va n pbhcyr bs qvssrerag jnlf 3) wbva hc or even 4) frr gur yvtugubhfr trg qrfgeblrq. There are possibly other alternatives, too.

      At the point you describe in Awakening, the simplest bit of advice is to xabj gulfrys.

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