PAX East

Just wanted to draw attention to zarf’s post about PAX East:

IF activity at PAX Boston!

…will happen. Details when we have them.

What? No, I really don’t know yet.

What? I’m talking about Penny Arcade Expo East, scheduled for March 26-28 next year, in downtown Boston. I’ll be there. Quite a few IF folks are interested in showing up. We all said “Yeah, we should get together at PAX and do some stuff!”

Zarf will be there; Jason Scott will be there; barring employment issues getting in the way, I will be there. (I registered, but it’s still conceivable Real Life will hit me in the nose instead.) Various other IF folks have said they might be there as well. There might well be an IF panel of some kind, and/or a showing of Jason Scott’s documentary.

7 thoughts on “PAX East”

  1. Excellent… I’ve been a member of the PA forums since 2003 and was reading the comics even before then, but unfortunately work has always prevented me from getting out to the west coast where PAX has always been held. I’ve been planning on going to E-PAX/BoPAX ever since it was announced. It’ll be nice to meet some IF designers and coders in the flesh. I hope you can make it Emily; I understand what it’s like to be restricted by work schedules, though. I personally haven’t been to a convention of that magnitude since E3 2006.

  2. After going to PAX in Seattle for the first time this year I can heartily recommend it. Fair warning though that tickets are likely to sell out early-ish, so if you’re interested keep your eye on it.

  3. Going to PAX 2009 was possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever done. I’m tempted to go to PAX East, but can’t really justify $600 for plane tickets… hope there will be some IF presence at PAX 2010!

  4. Ooh. That’s during my spring break… super tempting. If some sort of IF panel starts coming together, keep me posted.

  5. Since I work at a game company in the Boston area, I’m likely to be here as well. I’d love to meet any and all of you.

    I’ve been hoping Jason would have “Get Lamp” done by now, so perhaps we can persuade him to finish that thing… I can’t wait to see it.

    And of course if Emily’s going to be there… that’d be awesome.


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