Latest Playing: The Shadow in the Cathedral

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“The Shadow in the Cathedral” is one of the best IF games released this year. Maybe not the best, but that would be a large claim to make considering that it’s competing with Blue Lacuna, Make It Good, The King of Shreds and Patches, the top couple comp games… it’s been a good year for IF.

But Shadow definitely belongs in the top tier.

IFDB review over here.

7 thoughts on “Latest Playing: The Shadow in the Cathedral”

    1. Hm. I can’t find it in the Wayback Machine, and while I have a directory with the text of a lot of my PTT reviews, I don’t see one for Shadow. I do have the text for the Homer in Silicon review, but that’s still online anyway.

      I can think of two possibilities here: either I mentioned a PTT review of Shadow that was by someone *else* (this feels unlikely, but this is long enough ago that I can’t remember for sure), or it was by me but I wrote it in some place/on some computer that didn’t stash a copy where I can now find it.

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