JIG Comp continued

Tonight’s playing: Party Foul. Low-spoiler comments after the cut.

Party Foul by Brooks Reeves. Slice of life comedy with wacky puzzles, and lots of satire of social interaction. Reminded me of a kinder gentler version of Broken Legs: you’re manipulating some obnoxious people in order to gain your own ends. But the protagonist’s aims are more sympathetic, the manipulations are… well, mostly less mean, and the recipients are annoying enough that it feels like they deserve what they get.

There are a few responses here and there where a replacement of the default would’ve been a good thing; but I was entertained. The puzzles were fair, and there’s a nice hint system should you get stuck. (Though often the way to get unstuck without hints is to try asking the other characters about your predicament.)

One thought on “JIG Comp continued”

  1. Just a quick note: There is a slight bug in Party Foul where the handler for puzzle with the puppy fails if a certain required object is in a container of any sort before opening the door. I sent Brooks a transcript and he’s working on a fix right now.

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