Seattle IF Group April meet-up

Speaking of local interactive fiction groups, here’s the news on this Saturday’s Seattle meet-up. (I’m in town, so planning to go, but I figured it could also use the signal boost.)

All in the Seattle area this Saturday, the 17th, are welcome to the
April meetup of the Seattle IF group.

We’ll meet at 3:30 PM at the University of Washington, in the Health Sciences Building F.

We’re planning to discuss a new Inform 7 guide in the works by Ron Newcomb that takes a different approach than most IF tutorials, and IF possibilities for PAX Prime here in Seattle this September. Works in progress, recently played games, and group play on the projector are all on the table as well. After a couple of hours we usually have pizza delivered to the building.

A more detailed map with our building marked as I Court is here.

There are entrances to the north and south of the I Court Rotunda, but both entrances will be locked. If you can figure out how to get in, you’ve earned a spot in Seattle IF…

Just kidding of course — we’ll be there to let folks in at 3:30; see this thread on our mailing list for full details.

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