3 thoughts on “Random follow-on thought, or: Feelies for Echo Bazaar”

  1. No no. It’s like t-shirts: your delicious fans place an order, and then wait a long (but very worthwhile) time for their little amber-colored bottles to arrive in the mail. I imagine product writeups like

    F. F. Gebrandt
    F. F. Gebrandt distills and bottles Superior Laudanum and the Tincture of Vigour. The former guarantees a good night’s sleep and is useful in reducing Nightmares. The latter is unexcelled in reducing the pain of Wounds.

    The scent of dreamless sleep in a clean bed. Black opium, lavender, and crisp white linen.

    Wry Functionary
    His office is gloomy as a widower’s crypt, but very elegantly appointed. He is always glad to see you and the conversation is invariably entertaining, if roundabout.

    An understated, knowing scent: dry paper, bergamot, rosewood.

    Rubbery Man
    The Rubbery Men are the ones who resemble squids, a little. They trade deep amber for the tiny blind fish that they eat, and for human music. They seem sad, anxious and very polite. But they are terribly menacing. Faces like squid! Occasionally one is stoned to death in an episode of civic high spirits.

    Amber, red musk, salt air, and a hint of squid.

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