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A new post from the Echo Bazaar folk, on choices in games — including what they call the “reflective” choice, which invites the player to think about why he’s doing something, or act expressively, without necessarily expecting the game to pick up on that. We’ve seen that in IF in a few places. Certain portions at the beginning of Blue Lacuna do this thing of collecting responses from the player without using them to affect the world model — but they certainly affect the experience of playing and the meaning of the story.

PAX Prime is going to feature an IF panel and its own IF suite! (That’s Seattle, Sept. 3-5.) But tickets are selling quickly. If you want to go, you may want to make your plans soon.

2 thoughts on “Readings, News”

  1. I really like that they put a name to “reflective choice”, like at the end of The Baron and in Rameses–it’s my favorite gimmick but a pain to explain to people.

    1. Yeah, this is good stuff. I’ve run into these a few times in EBZ, and they’ve generally worked very well. (Though there’s one where you can be offered a reflective choice where you decide what you feel about a past event… over and over again. And that feels like it wears thin.)

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