10 thoughts on “My Husband is a Little Blue Peg”

  1. Is there a gender choice in the game?

    Because this trophy spouse who provides a child, seems to take full responsibility for its upbringing, and requires regular cash expenditure seems weird for “Trevor”, but would be a pretty (stereo)typical narrative for “Trevorette”.

    1. There is. I thought of talking about that point, but it doesn’t seem like much of an excuse (not that I think you meant it should be one). A trophy Trevorette would be annoying too.

      There’s really nothing in the game to suggest he’s doing the child-rearing, either; it’s simply not a thing that’s addressed by anyone.

      1. Well, I was inclined to think of this as an oppo-excuse, which might reflect even more poorly on the designers — that maybe they created a stereotypical female trophy wife and then didn’t bother to change anything for a female PC, like your complaint about the Fallout game. Where the assumptions about the male PC would already have been so annoying that the failure to change anything for the opposite gender would actually have been an improvement. (Can you choose a same-sex spouse, btw?)

        …bbbbut that assumes that the designers are falling into the “Most gamers are male” trap, and that doesn’t seem like it’s as much of a problem in management/sim games. At least it seems to me that the PCs in those games are generally women — is that true? So, probably just ordinary failure to program any interesting behavior rather than pernicious stereotypes about women applied to both genders.

      2. Yeah, I can’t imagine that they thought most players of this game would be male. That’s not the demographic for this kind of thing. (As you say, most such games that have a predefined protagonist go with a woman: Flo, Quinn, Emily from the “Delicious” series; FarmCraft, Miss Management… All women.)

        Besides, many of the goals in Life Quest, inasmuch as they’re gendered, feel more female-oriented: for instance, you’re challenged to do yoga, go extensively clothes shopping, etc. etc. etc. Not that men can’t do those things, but it certainly doesn’t feel like overall it was a game written with men in mind as primary audience.

      3. Oh, to answer your other question: yes, the game is completely agnostic about sexuality. I restarted with an alt character and was allowed (as a female character) to meet a woman and marry her very early on. I didn’t play through a second time far enough to find out what they decided about having children. Maybe it’s exactly the same, and you’re just assumed to have found a donor/adopted, without this being spelled out at all.

  2. “I married a cipher, and lived to regret it.”

    This line would make an excellent teaser to IF (either narrative or puzzle-oriented).

    I’m already hooked!

    1. “And then he said ‘V’z gnxvat gur zbegtntr zbarl naq tbvat gb Irtnf,” and I said, ‘Sure, honey.’ Was that ever a bad idea.”

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