Comp Games!

The 2010 IF Comp is now open.

It looks like a strong year. I just did my first pass to identify games I don’t plan to review due to lack of credited testers. Out of 25 26 entries, I only found two to skip for sure; there were two others where I couldn’t find a tester list but other indications suggest that a lot of work went into them, so I may give them the benefit of the doubt when I finish with the definitely-tested ones.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of really polished-looking work in the collection, and quite a few familiar author names from past years. And a majority of the games can be played online, with a convenient link from the comp page.

Thanks to all the authors, testers, and comp organizing staff who make this possible for another year. This is going to be fun.

PS: Some places other than here where reviews are likely to appear, or are appearing already:

Pissy Little Sausages, Eat Lamp, Minimum Safe Distance, The Quiet Sunday, One Wet Sneaker, Paean to Wanderings, Cobaltnine, Philip Armstrong’s Games Journal, Farming the Apocalypse, The Gameshelf, The Stack, Cup of Joe, Gnome’s Lair, The Gaming Philosopher (warning: reviews not cut-tagged), Suppertime Sonnets (in sonnet form, no less), The Rest of Your Mice, Dan Shiovitz, Should I Play It, scratchm’s intfiction forum reviews, Rob “Flack” O’Hara’s intfiction forum reviews, Two Swallows, Iain Merrick’s LJ, Yoon Ha Lee, Monkey with Brain on Top, Another Mr Lizard / A Tonne of Feathers.

If you’re looking for reviews of a specific game, you can often find them linked from ifwiki (assuming any have been written yet).

16 thoughts on “Comp Games!”

  1. Would it be possible for you to use an “IF Comp 2010” tag, like on several other blogs, so that people who want to link to all your reviews for this comp can do it more easily? Thank you in advance, and have fun!

  2. Your link to The Quiet Sunday is, I believe unintentionally, a link to one of the posts rather than to the blog itself.

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