Contribution on Echo Bazaar

I’m delighted to say that I’ve contributed some guest content to Echo Bazaar, and it is now live in the game. EBZ is a favorite of mine, and so is their excellent, interactive narrative theory-rich blog. Likely more to come.

(To quote the EBZ feed about where my content appears: “Nocturnal fever: @emshort’s first foray into the Bazaar now live for fortunate and Fated scholars of the Correspondence.” If this is excessively cryptic, it is possible that you have not yet encountered the prerequisites for this storyline.)

9 thoughts on “Contribution on Echo Bazaar”

  1. No, it is ok as a hint, but I feel that being a scholar of correspondence is quite difficult, don’t you think?, or at least, it is difficult for my character (time to resume my life in the fallen London).

  2. Hm. Scholar of the correspondence, check. Possessing of Fate, check. I’m hoping the “fortunate” part just means this will be an opportunity card… I can’t wait to see your content!

  3. so happy to hear this! I first heard of EBZ through your blog, & named my character after occurrences in Galatea, so I am looking forward to encountering your content.

  4. Hm. And we don’t get any more specificity than that? I hope having ground out my Scholar to 18 doesn’t make me too -high- for the storyline. I’ll continue pulling Opportunities and hoping for the chance to further my studies, I suppose.

  5. Cool Emily, I’m curious to see your writing in to that unique setting – reminds me of a post of yours I saw recently with some Victorian Gothic math problems you’d made (some more of those would be an awesome idea for a book BTW.)

    If you talk with the echobazaar creators, a good viral marketing tool they should try is letting any participant submit new vignette ideas to Mr Pages, and have those approved as fitting win some free Fate for the authors. That could greatly expand the diversity of playable vignettes and get players more invested in the site as coauthors.

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