PAX East 2011

So, as last year, there will be organized IF events at PAX East this year (March 11-13, Boston). Last year’s event was a big event with lots and lots of IFfers, and plenty of fun all around, so we’re hoping for good things again this year.

I’m going to be speaking on interactive dialogue, as we just got this panel approved:

Interactive Drama: Dialogue as Gameplay

Jonathon Myers (Moderator) [Writer, Reactive Games]
Stephen Dinehart [Narrative Designer, Narrware]
Evan Skolnick [Writer, Producer, Editorial Director, Vicarious Visions]
Emily Short [Interactive Fiction Author, Independent]
John Gonzalez [Lead Writer, Lead Creative Designer of Fallout: New Vegas, Obsidian Entertainment]

Other IF and IF-related stuff: zarf will be speaking in a main-PAX panel on self-funding via Kickstarter. There will also be an IF suite as before, with some organized meetings and discussions, Speed-IF, and casual socializing; there may be some overlap activities with the IGDA Writers SIG, the special interest group for professional game writers; the IF theory book may, Kevin Jackson-Mead hopes, be finished and ready to share.

Note that you will need a PAX badge to see my panel talk or zarf’s, but that all the rest of the IF activity is separate and free to attend.

If you’re interested, check out the ifwiki page for a current list of people attending, or to sign up or suggest events.

4 thoughts on “PAX East 2011”

  1. My panel just got approved as well! I’d love to meet up with you at the convention if you have time, I’ve enjoyed working alongside you in the EBZ Deep Amber program. :)

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