Sign of corruption

I started thinking today, “hm, what if there were a way through Parchment/Vorple to instantly retweet a line from any IF game you were playing?”

I know, I know. The dark side, it is claiming me.

10 thoughts on “Sign of corruption”

  1. While sat in my family living room, reading some novel or interactive fiction, I often read out a particularly interesting or poignant line. Retweeting is not so different. So long as it’s not enforced or encouraged through mechanical bonuses – which doesn’t make sense with IF anyway – I don’t see the problem.

    1. I was mostly viewing this as a possible way to encourage interest in the piece, yeah. (I guess, in theory, someone could be running Parchment on an ad-supported page, but it seems like the revenues from that would probably not be very much, and in any case there wouldn’t be anything to encourage the player to tweet for rewards.)

  2. This mechanic was built into IOS adventure Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery, and was a large part of how the game built buzz. Any line of text in the game could be retweeted with the hashtag #sworcery, building a critical mass of weird, jargony fantasy tweets with a shared marker.

    Tweeting would be nice, but limited to 140 characters. What if it was integrated with Facebook and Google+, and included a link to the story file and interpreters? Now you’re not just sharing your favorite IF – you’re sharing a way to experience it, too.

    1. I’m more easily reconciled to the Google+ idea than to Facebook, but yeah, you’d definitely want to link back to the game.

      There’s some risk of people redistributing spoilers, though, of course.

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