Assorted Items

Failbetter is Kickstarting Below, a StoryNexus piece with rogue-like underground exploration and a Viking-flavored backstory. One of the higher-tier rewards is a physical opportunity deck; I have an earlier version of this from their Silver Tree Kickstarter, and it’s a fun piece. Not sure if this sounds like your thing? There’s a playable prototype already online.

If you’d rather write your own StoryNexus game, you might be interested to know that the Winter World of the Season competition is open; the deadline is 31st December 2012, and the entries will be judged by a panel of various interactive storytelling people, including Jon Ingold.

Meanwhile, “To Be or Not To Be: That is The Adventure”, a choose-your-path version of Hamlet (careful not to call itself CYOA for legal reasons) has steamed through to an astounding $139K raised. This is no doubt due in part to the luscious Kate Beaton illustrations accompanying the pitch. Like this:

Which incidentally looks like it might be prototyped in Twine. (Check out 4:07 in the video if you don’t believe me.)

One thought on “Assorted Items

  1. First thought: “yay, women in sensible armour.”

    Second thought: “oh god, that braid is disappearing between breastplate and pauldron. That’s going to be awfully painful any minute now.”

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