A word about who we are

Porpentine wrote this about her experience of entering howling dogs in the IF Comp:

It was natural for me to approach the circle of interactive fiction. I made games with words in them. But there was nothing for me. I was poor, not middle class. I was queer, not straight. I wrote experimental hypertext, not traditional parser. I was a woman, not a man, and there were many of them, and one of me.

It was intimidating.

Once I did participate, by submitting my Twine game howling dogs, I got harassing emails saying making howling dogs was a “crime”.

It shames and angers me that that was her experience with the IF community. I am sorry for it, but cannot repair it; I’d like to think we’re better than that, but I can see that we aren’t, because the reality is right there.

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