Upcoming stuff and events

IndieCade is this weekend in Culver City. I will be there talking about narrative alongside Nick Fortugno, and also moderating a panel about Twine featuring Porpentine, Merritt Kopas, Kat Chastain, and Christine Love. Besides the Twine panelists, I know at least a couple other IF folks who will be there as well; some really cool games are nominated, including Kentucky Route Zero and Gone Home, a Twine compilation by Porpentine that includes howling dogs and several other works, Hide and Seek’s Tiny Games collection, and a new pen-and-paper game by Elizabeth Sampat.

AIIDE 2013 is in Boston October 14-18. I will not be there, but Richard Evans will be, and will be talking about Versu from an AI perspective.

PRACTICE is in New York, November 15-17. This is one of my favorite game-related conferences because it focuses on the details of craft and tends to involve really nitty-gritty discussion, far more than your average GDC talk. I will be talking there about Versu from a narrative design perspective.

November 20, Graham Nelson and I are speaking about publishing IF at an evening on transmedia publishing, run by the Oxford Publishing Society.

AdventureX is December 7th in London. I am not speaking, but am planning to go unless my schedule makes it impossible somehow. Jon Ingold (long time IF author and cofounder of inkle) and Dave Gilbert (Wadget Eye) are both lined up to speak.

If you’re planning to be at one of these and want to meet up, ping me! (Except the Boston one, obviously. If you’re going to be there, have fun, and I wish I were going to be able to do that too, but the scheduling just didn’t work out.)

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