IF Comp 2013: Links and other reviews

For those who’d like to read more about the IF Comp now in progress, the main site with all the game downloads and voting information is here.

There are also a bunch of other people writing reviews:

Philip Armstrong
Sam Kabo Ashwell
L’avventura è l’avventura (reviews posted in Italian and English)
Martin Barth (in German)
Wade Clarke
Mr Creosote
Robert DeFord
Doug Egan
Victor Gijsbers, “The Gaming Philosopher”
Space Giraffe (comments on Their Angelical Understanding, Dad vs Unicorn, and Machine of Death)
Marco Innocenti
Joey Jones
Krivard (short comments on several games, all on one page)
Leland Paul Kusmer
Lautz of IF
Michael Martin
Carl Muckenhoupt
Adam Myers
Peter Pears
Jenni Polodna, “Pissy Little Sausages”
Chris Priestman
Brooks Reeves
Russian IF Forum (often brief, and in Russian)
Paul S
The Wabe
Steven Watson
The Xenographer

Various people are also writing reviews in poetry, because why not. (Apparently.)

If I’ve missed your reviews and you’d like them to be listed, feel free to comment as well. Also, ifwiki’s list may have additional things I’ve missed (I’ve updated to match, but it may get away from me again).

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