IF Comp 2013: The Paper Bag Princess (Adri)

The Paper Bag Princess is a brief, parser-based, children’s fairy-tale puzzle game. It runs to less than 20 minutes (possibly less than 10, if you either hit the walkthrough or are more clever about the endgame than I was).

This is a pleasant and amiable game with just a couple of puzzles. The implementation on the first parts is solid enough; I found the final puzzle a bit tricky and wound up looking at the hints, though other reviewers make it sound as though possibly I might have succeeded if I had persisted by myself. Or maybe not. People are divided on how hard they found that part.

But, overall, it’s a very short, good-natured, essentially pleasant piece that weaves together classic IF tropes (maze, conversation tricks, light source puzzles) with an existing children’s story. It’s charming, but short enough that I don’t have a great deal to say about it.

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