8 thoughts on “Coming to Versu”

    1. I don’t have a concrete answer to that yet, but I’m currently investigating whether it’s possible to regain the IP from Linden.

      If so, I’d likely take it forward in a slightly different direction than the Lab would have done, but still with the aim of making some tools available to the general public. I’m actually really pleased with some of the things the authoring tools could do at the end — I was able to put together Blood and Laurels, which is a massively branching, 250K word piece, in a couple of months. I’m obviously biased here, but the output feels way tighter than our earliest Versu stories, has much more plot, but still allows for considerable variety in the outcomes of various character relationships. Basically, it’s a type of IF I have been wanting to write for a long time, and for which most of the existing tools are not a very good fit.

      So I’d really like to see both the finished stories and the toolset reach an audience, since outside of Linden and a few conference demos hardly anyone has seen what we did. But a great deal depends on what I’m able to arrange.

      Anyway, if I have news on the future of Versu, I’ll mention it on this blog.

      1. Emily, can appreciate that you’re not in a position to give a concrete answer, but I’m pleased options are being investigated, and very much hope a means can be found to take things forward.

        I am actually an Android user, so sadly never had the opportunity to try Versu hands-on, but the entire concept fascinates me, and I was particularly intrigued by Richard’s views on the potential of the engine in other areas as well, such as for studying social situations through a means of interactive simulations (as reported in New Scientist, June 2013).

        I certainly wish your efforts well, and will definitely be keeping an eye on things here for news. Thanks again for replying so fully.

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