Assorted Links

Boon Hill

Some while back, I posted about a then-being-kickstarted game called Boon Hill, all about exploring a graveyard full of epitaphs. That game is now on Steam Greenlight.

The XYZZY Award finalists are announced and IFDB has a handy list so that you can click through and play whichever ones you’d like to get to before voting closes.

Choice of Games is seeking more authors, especially authors with previous experience writing for interactivity. They pay royalties of 25% or, in some cases, work-for-hire fees amounting to $10K.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 1.55.36 PM

Fungus is a recently-announced free Unity plugin for building interactive fiction. As far as I can tell it’s aiming for something closer to Ren’Py or AGT AGS than text-based IF experiences, but I haven’t had time to actually play with it yet.

4 thoughts on “Assorted Links”

  1. Thank you for linking my list! I enjoy helping out around the IF community like this. I figure it’s the least I could do after all IF has given me.

    Re: Fungus: Surely you meant to say AGS instead of AGT? Unless that’s not the AGT I’m thinking of.

      1. Author of Fungus here – thanks for the post Emily! Fungus is aimed somewhere between IF/Twine style text based games and AGS-style point and click adventure games. The scripting interface is a similar to AGS, but it integrates seamlessly with Unity 3D.

        Still early days, but it’s been getting a great reaction from people. Very cool to see folks starting to use it in their projects. Two groups of students from Dublin Institute of Technology recently won prizes at Games Fleadh with Fungus games based on Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

        There’s an example game on our site which should give you an idea of the functionality


  2. Oh, that Choice opportunity is a good excuse to polish up my creative CV.

    Never done a CV mostly consisting of my personal work before…

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