Counterfeit Monkey Release 5

Cover art for Counterfeit Monkey

…is now available. This version extends the game’s vocabulary by over a hundred items, provides better feedback on several puzzles that were causing player difficulty, fixes dozens of bugs and introduces a few additional solutions. It includes Dannii’s Ultra Undo extension, which may extend UNDO functionality to additional interpreters. Some spoilery highlights after the jump.

Version 5:

— adds more explicit feedback for attempts to show Waterstone things and rephrases several parts of this interaction
— adds an alternate solution to the power cord puzzle, for those who thought that having to use the umlaut punch was unfairly hard
— removes the wig/bandana/disguise-juggling restrictions so that you can put on the bandana while you have the wig on without having to go to a private place
— makes the re-created Atlantida more responsive after you’ve swapped her out (this was always intended, but a bug prevented it from working correctly)
— adds responses for a number of additional entries in the guidebook
— fixes a weird bug whereby putting a pot of yogurt on the rotating mirror in Roget Close would hang the game
— introduces important and inexplicably missed out objects such as the SATIN PINT, TRIPLE VARLET, HOOTING OWL CONCEALER, CEMENT PORNO KNOB, and ZEN FROND RINSE. It is also now possible to construct both PISA and OHIO.

The complete change log can be found at the beginning of the source text here.

4 thoughts on “Counterfeit Monkey Release 5”

  1. “Adjusts the weight of the puppy to make it easier to pick up.”

    I’m dying here. Also, making a list of some of these anagrams so I can look up their descriptions in the source.

  2. I’m avoiding all the spoilery bits; I played through this once (on normal difficulty) and it was possibly my favorite IF game to date.

    I think I’ll go back and play it on the hard level with the new version.

    Thank you!

  3. “fixes a weird bug whereby putting a pot of yogurt on the rotating mirror in Roget Close would hang the game”

    So this now creates Trugoy from De La Soul, right?

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