Transcript up from April 5 Discussion Club

Sorry for the delay in posting this, but the transcript from our April 5 meeting is now up. The next meeting will be on CYOA structures and is set for 8 PM British time, May 10. Suggested reading and other information can be found here.

Note also that at the end of the transcript, zarf proposes a speed-IF about time and action-scale modeling:

zarf says, “mess with these ideas we’ve been talking about for two weeks”
eu says (to zarf), “Good idea.”
zarf says, “post a link in the forum post about this chat”
zarf says, “and we can (on the forum) discuss in two weeks what we’ve come up with”

4 thoughts on “Transcript up from April 5 Discussion Club”

  1. So despite that you said “the context for this question is not … “how can we have scene breaks in IF”, since obviously those are doable””, I kind of feel like I haven’t seen that done very well. Breaks always feel more like chapter breaks to me than scene breaks. I think this is something that definitely could do with more experimentation.

      1. I’m not sure I can objectively distinguish them…

        When you have a scene break in (parser) IF you often need to give a kind of introduction to the scene. There will be descriptions of the location, of the PC if that’s changed etc. I associate that with the beginning of a chapter, whereas a scene change in static fiction can just get right to it. Perhaps this is a consequence of the conventional first person perspective the player has. If the narrator was 1st or 3rd person then maybe the scene changes could be faster.

        But I really don’t know. I’m just throwing thoughts around.

      2. Ah, hm.

        There are a few games that do suppress room descriptions at key points. It’s not *technically* hard to do, it just risks marooning the player without a clear goal or sense of what to do. Counterfeit Monkey does this right at the beginning of the game, but it does it by supplying very tightly-led interaction for the first few moves. I think you’d probably need something like that if you wanted to make sharp jumps into the middle of action — for instance, I think you could also skip the room description if you were jumping straight into highly directed dialogue, like something done with Threaded Conversation or the adv3lite conversation library or just a menu conversation. Similarly, I could imagine something using the ATTACK library that dropped you straight into an action sequence with an attacker, where you needed to do combat first and examine the scenery later.

        But yeah. When I said we’re able to do scene changes, what I was thinking was that there are lots of games that don’t preserve the dramatic unities and that jump around in time or space.

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