Transcript Posted (Game Audience discussion)

The transcript for the (admittedly brief) theoryclub meetup on game audience is here. Due to travel I was only able to be online for a bit in the middle, so thanks to Zach for logging the session.

What shall we take on next? The next meeting is Oct 11; proposed topics include

Puzzles and story: what puzzles are most satisfying, and most useful, from a storytelling perspective? Are there types of narrative experience that can be generated only through puzzles?

Replayable IF: what makes a game satisfying to replay, especially in an often narrative and puzzle-based genre?

Preferences and alternative suggestions welcome over the next week or so; then I’ll pick something.

Edited to add: We’ve now settled on replayability. Some possible starting points for discussion are as usual listed at the Discussion Club page.

4 thoughts on “Transcript Posted (Game Audience discussion)

  1. This was my first ifMud discussion; it was interesting, and people were helpful and kind. For the topic, I felt like there weren’t many people in the chat who were necessarily interested in it (probably including me)? and there wasn’t clear direction on what to talk about, so we kind of exhausted our thoughts on it quickly.

    I think both of the topics you propose for next chat are interesting; I may not be able to make that one, but I’ll definitely read the transcript. Thanks Emily!

    • Yeah, it was a bit tricky, I fear, in that the person who proposed that subject then wasn’t actually able to attend. (Always a risk.) I had some further thoughts on it, but only had a connection for a few minutes in the middle. Ah well.

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