IF Comp 2014: Milk Party Palace (Alon Karmi & Glenn Parker)


Milk Party Palace is a choice-based game with some sound effects, executed in Unity. It’s a comedic slice of life piece, which I did not play to completion.

I have to confess that the blurb for this did not leave me with very high hopes: I tend not to connect well with comedy about celebrities doing kooky things. (Possibly this is because I’m not really paying any attention, so while I know who Alec Baldwin is, I couldn’t really tell you anything about his personal life.)

It turns out that the comedy is indeed not my kind of thing. There’s some toilet humor; some violence passed off as a joke even though the characters get genuinely hurt; a portrayal of minorities that feels somewhere between wacky and uncomfortable. I tried to play for a while, but it got to a point where it seemed like I needed to treat the other characters pretty badly to proceed, and I disliked that experience enough to stop.

An interesting point, though: this is the first comp game I can recall (unless I’m missing something?) executed in Unity. That’s pretty interesting. It’s basically a straight choice game augmented with sound effects, and I usually found myself clicking through the slow-text effects, but it has a distinctly different feel all the same from most of the choice-based systems that the IF community usually uses.

Additional comments on this game from Ata, Sam Kabo Ashwell, and Wade Clarke.

4 thoughts on “IF Comp 2014: Milk Party Palace (Alon Karmi & Glenn Parker)”

  1. I realize these reviews are part of a competition but a couple thoughts popped to mind.

    #1 Not many folks pay attention to IF, possibly because there is no ‘place’ to go that most can go to something like the old TelevisionWorthWatching or IMDB or Rotton Tomatoes.

    #2 The other thought is about Soaps. One of the first significant web sites, not a search engine, was The Spot which was a very early example of a Soap on the web; the tech was not really there to support it. At Chris Crawford’s first Phrontisterion there were all these guys from a major tech company wandering around with Sweet Valley High books talking about how Soaps have to eventually emerge as a major form of interactive fiction. It never happened, possibly because they were all guys who had to read Sweet Valley High to get an idea.

    Just wondering,


    1. There is actually a place very much like IMDB: http://ifdb.tads.org/ . It features extensive game listings, records of competition wins, curated lists, polls in which people can recommend games to one another, reviews written just for the site, and links to external reviews. Anyone can contribute to it.

      Re soaps: a key thing about the soap concept is that there are continuous episodes. Though some amateur IF authors have experimented with an episodic format, relatively few have been able to follow through on it; it’s a time-consuming process to build a long series of even quite small episodes.

  2. Hello, and thanks for reviewing the game. I am sorry to hear you didn’t like the writing, but I can see why. Upon reflection, coding the game in Unity was a pain, and the game would’ve probably been better on Twine, but this is my fault more than anything.

    Thanks for your review,

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