Counterfeit Monkey Transfer

Cover art for Counterfeit MonkeyThis has been announced elsewhere, but for reference here as well: I haven’t been in a position to do the kind of upkeep I would like on Counterfeit Monkey, and consequently I’ve released the full source for community maintenance, at the kind suggestion of Dannii Willis. The source is at Github, and there is an official issue tracker, which is now where you should go with any bugs you encounter. (I will try to go through my own bug report backlog and add the rest to this list, when I have the aforementioned time.)

6 thoughts on “Counterfeit Monkey Transfer”

  1. I hadn’t seen your earlier post talking about Counterfeit Monkey. I’ve got a gblorb that identifies itself as
    Release 4 / Serial number 130109 / Inform 7 build
    6G60 (I6/v6.32 lib 6/12N)
    Based on the timestamp, I downloaded it around January 28, 2013.
    Is that of any value to you, if only to get a working version up on IFDB? If so, let me know how best to get it to you. I can pretty easily toss it on Dropbox, Google Drive, and might be able to send it as a 14 MB email attachment.

    1. Thanks! It looks like the team is going to release a fixed version of 5 pretty soon ( has their progress).

      So as that seems to be in progress, it may not be necessary to put this version up on IFDB, but I wouldn’t mind getting a copy of it back. (Why I don’t have one already is a boring story about space limits and old laptops.) If you wanted to put it on Dropbox or similar, I’d be grateful.

  2. My ‘rock star’ alter ego (Nexami Engeo) has a cameo in Counterfeit Monkey. This continues to be one of the coolest things to ever happen to me. A million thanks to you, Emily, for making that happen. I’m quite looking forward to having a poke around the source code too.

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