IF Comp this year

For a long time, I have covered IF Comp by reviewing many or all of the games that were available to me to play. I am not doing that this year.

I do still encourage others to review and cover the games. I’m convinced that IF Comp will be healthiest if it has a rich and assorted variety of responses and critical takes, and that sometimes it is necessary for the louder people to be quiet in order to let others be heard.

I mention this now so that no one will be surprised when the comp rolls around.

(No, I am not entering.)

6 thoughts on “IF Comp this year”

  1. An understandable decision (though I don’t think your past reviews were suppressing/discouraging would-be reviewers/critics or anything!).

    I bet someone is going to end up surprised anyway, because that’s how it always goes with any kind of announcement — but hopefully that’s the end of it (or the surprisee is inspired to make something as delicious as the breakfast reviews :P)

  2. I totally understand your reasoning, but I’m still sad. You were the Roger Ebert of interactive fiction reviews!

  3. If the goal is to encourage different/more sorts of critical responses to the IF Comp, I admire this – but still I hope for some overview sort of reaction in the end.

  4. Emily has tried to participate casually, and it didn’t work. Authors found *not* being reviewed by Emily somehow worse than a bad review. It’s understandable that she must draw the line somewhere.

  5. Yes, that’s a decision that makes sense (although you’ll certainly be missed, and I imagine there’ll be a running chorus of, “Noooo! Come baaaack!” until Christmas). Good on you for communicating clearly in advance – combining smarts and thoughtfulness, as per usual.

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