Bob Bates’ Thaumistry Kickstarter


It’s been a while since Hadean Lands kickstarted, but you now have another chance to back a new work of parser IF from a renowned author. Infocom and Legend alum Bob Bates is launching a comedy puzzle game called Thaumistry, which the author describes thus:

Something was lost when our industry moved away from parser-driven games. Players lost the feeling they could try anything they could think of. Games became more claustrophobic. And players especially lost the feeling they were playing with the author who wrote the game.

With this game, I hope to restore that intimate connection. I hope that each player feels they are playing with me. That we can have a conversation. That we can have fun together.

It promises to be a classic spell-casting, hijinx-raising text adventure (and a new TADS release, to boot!). If this is your sort of thing, you know what to do.

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