Counterfeit Monkey Release 7

Cover art for Counterfeit MonkeyThanks to some dedicated community work, there is now a new release of Counterfeit Monkey.

The new version fixes a bunch of bugs and runs considerably faster, especially on mobile devices and browsers. There are also four new achievements, some additions to what the language tools are able to construct, and many other small tweaks. (Changelog here.)

Many thanks to Petter Sjölund (@angstsmurf), Dannii Willis (@curiousdannii), Daniel Stelzer (@dstelzer), Andrew Plotkin (@erkyrath), Vince Laviano (@vlaviano), Ben Moon (@GuiltyDolphin), Aaron Howell (@akhowell), @BroadcastGames@Feldherren@FrumpyJones@KeyboardSounds, Stephen Gutknecht (@RoundSparrow), Sabe Jones (@SabreCat), @toriningen@zzxyz for their contributions!

(I’m currently traveling but will upload the new version to other websites under my control when I get a chance.)

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