End of December Link Assortment

Year’s end!

The New Year’s Minicomp is accepting interactive fiction submissions through January 4.

January 6, the SF Bay meetup gets together; agenda is tentative at the time of this writing.

January 13, there’s a meetup in Baltimore, looking at J.J. Guest’s To Hell In a Hamper.

January 17, I’m presenting at the London IF Meetup on matching story and mechanics. This will be part talk, part workshop.

The next People’s Republic of IF meeting takes place Wednesday, January 24 at 6:30 PM in MIT room 14N-233.

The Opening Up Digital Fiction competition runs through February 15, 2018. It offers cash prizes and the possibility of future publication.

Upcoming February 17 (a bit more lead-time than usual), the London IF Meetup is doing a Saturday afternoon workshop on using ink and Unity together. This is one of the best methods for creating professional-looking standalone IF applications, and we’ll help you get started with the tools you need.

Releases and Updates

Counterfeit Monkey version 7 is the latest CM build, put out by IF community supporters — many thanks to them for their help with that!

Game Over, my BBC radio play about game development, is available to listen to online. (At least, if you’re from certain countries.)


One thought on “End of December Link Assortment”

  1. Wow! Game Over had me cringing the whole way through. That was an amazing job of building believable people out of both the unlikable game-dev stereotypes you were portraying. Bravo.

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